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This European technique focuses on the soft tissues of the body. Many systems of the body are stimulated during the session. The treatment promotes relaxation and healing.


This is geare towards all types of athletes. This technique speeds recovery time, helps prevent injuries and encourages old ones to heal. Sports massage physically and psychologically helps the athlete achieve optimum performance.


The focus is on the client's current medical challenge. Utilizing appropriate techniques, the treatment encourages healing. Benefits include pain management, reduced edema, increased circulation and joint range of motion.


This treatment is applied using varied pressure along energy pathways and muscle groups. The therapist uses their hands, knees and feet to apply pressure and stretches to the body. The client wears comfortable clothing,  and the treatment is  given on a soft cotton mat on the floor.  The treatment is both relaxing and energizing. A table session is also available, for those who are unable to be on the floor mat.


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“Anne Marie is by far, the best massage therapist I have ever been to. Her hands are absolutely intuitive and healing. She is gifted!” - Jen H.


This old art form focuses on the hands and feet. This technique works on specific reflexes, which relate to the entire body. This aids circulation, nerve function and creates deep relaxation. Many find relief from ailments with consistent treatment.


Experience a more enjoyable pregnancy. Nurture yourself at this special time. Massage therapy supports the changes the body endures. It helps in managing discomfort from swelling, postural and muscular strain. It also helps to provide emotional support.


Enhances and supports the body's needs after giving birth. It also encourages stabilization of hormones, postural changes and emotional support. It helps one to deal with the stresses of motherhood.


Pricing for Above Services:

30 Minutes - $55.00

45 Minutes - $75.00

60 Minutes - $90.00

75 Minutes - $115.00

90 Minutes - $130.00




Through touch, the energy system is influenced affecting physical, emotional and spiritual health. Several techniques are used: Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Polarity, Reikki and Native American Healing Techniques. The goal is to restore harmony and balance in the energy system; this work blends nicely with all types of bodywork, adding a spiritual element to the treatment. Encouraging the person to self heal.


A lovely combo of body work which utilizes energy techniques with the enhancement of crystals. Crystals hold healing energy. Stones are placed on or around the physical body. At times they are used in the auric field and as a massage tool.


Pricing for Above Services:

45 Minutes - $85.00

60 Minutes - $100.00

75 Minutes - $125.00

90 Minutes - $140.00




The application of heat to the body increases blood flow and creates deep relaxation. We use a stone massage roller, and various sized stones during this treatment. Some stones are used to massage muscle groups. All creating a unique soothing effect.


Deep Tissue Massage relieves tension in muscles and connective tissue. This works is deep and specific. Recommended for those who have chronic discomfort and pain.  It's very beneficial for athletes and most injuries.


Pricing for Above Services:

30 Minutes - $60.00

45 Minutes - $80.00

60 Minutes - $100.00

75 Minutes - $125.00

90 Minutes - $140.00




For birthdays, anniversaries or anytime, relax with your special someone. Enjoy yourself with friends and family!  Leave centered and calm together. Celebrate time together!


Price according to technique and length of session.

60 minute session or longer.

Same room additional $40.00.



This is an ancient healing art that utilizes essential oils from plants, flowers and herbs. Enjoy your massage therapy session enhanced by the highest quality oils. Aromatic oils are mixed into carrier oils and creams.  Aromatherapy creates an atmosphere to unwind and feel renewed! Choose from Citrus Blend, Peppermint or Lavender Blend.


Add Aromatherapy to Any Service:

Additional $5.00



Need a quick pick-up? Come in for a 20 minute tune-up massage! You will be amazed at how great you will feel.


Pricing for Above Services:

20 Minutes  - $25.00

32 Minutes - $40.00

Chair Massage is great for:

Spa and House Parties: Pamper your guests. Set up a spa night with the girls at your place or ours. We are happy to enhance any event you would like to plan.

Office Chair Massage: Great tune up! In our office the massage chair enables us to accommodate clients who cannot lay prone. We can still provide a relaxing and efficient back treatment.

Corporate Chair Massage: Business incentive programs available. Treat your workers to a relaxing experience! Boost morale and efficiancy in your office.

Bridal Parties: Stay calm and focused! Let us help you get ready for your big day. Table massage is also available.

On-site Sports Events: Let us enhance your athletes' performance. Team support available.

Health Fairs and Business Events: We can enhance and entice your booth!


Chair massage is a space saver and doesn't require disrobing.


Please see our Promotions and Specials page!


Fees Quoted in Office: Off Site Additional Charge


Massage therapy Massage therapy

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